Neural Manipulation

Neural Manipulation

Neural Manipulation is an excellent therapy to resolve the soft tissue injuries resulting from car accidents. It also has the capacity to reset a an overstimulated body.

NM works with the body’s communication network – the nervous system. Sudden injury, trauma, and/or chronic stress shock your nervous system, & keep it in a state of constant stress. Chronic or intense stress prevents your body from healing. Healing only becomes possible when the nervous system calms down.

Through very subtle pressure on key nerves, NM helps the nervous system relax, & emerge from fear, anxiety, or insomnia. In other instances, an injury, strain, or repetitive action will result in a painful nerve fixation – for example sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, or tennis elbow – a specific area where the nerve gets pinched or restricted. In these instances, the compressed nerve is gently engaged, & then the surrounding tissues are carefully moved in order to allow the nerve to once again slide and glide freely. The result is diminished or eliminated pain, & increased ability to move.

Neural Manipulation: what does it feel like?

NM involves extremely light touch precisely applied on affected areas. Sometimes it hardly feels like you are being touched. The nerves themselves have a slightly electric, buzzy feel. When nerve fixations are freed, the response can differ. There can be immediate, dramatic relief where the contracted muscles surrounding the nerve suddenly relax. Sometimes the original symptoms of pain & discomfort can very gradually subside over a period of 2-3 weeks.