Chi Nei Tsang, Viceral & Other Body Work

It varies, but typically a session runs about 75 to 80 minutes. There are times, however, where the critical changes have occurred, & the body has had enough before 75 minutes.

It is variable, according to each person & their particular condition. Some issues, a person has developed over decades; others, began only a few weeks back. It is optimistic to expect a 30 year old ailment to disappear in 75 minutes – although, sometimes, it does happen. You will likely know by the end of the second session whether this work is helpful for you.

While there are exceptions, ideally we recommend 2 weeks between the first and second sessions. From there, as your health gets better, and your body proves it can hold the positive change, we begin to space sessions further apart.

The small TBM vials of distilled water are imprinted with the energy of a specific allergen (e.g., gluten, or say, cat hair). The vials are then placed on the client’s chest, specifically, their thymus gland. Nothing is ingested. Through the stimulation of a specific sequence of points, the body we energetically harmonize the body’s immune system to the substance in question. Often, a temporary (or lasting) change of diet is instrumental in helping the body overcome its allergy.

TBM works well for about 2 out of 3 people. The other one in three display little or no response.