Total Body Modification2

Total Body Modification

TBM is an energetic body therapy that is helpful for many with allergies, intolerances & sensitivities. It also has been beneficial for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers. It has a history of painlessly, and relatively quickly, helping about 2 of every 3 people treated (it is not understood why the other 1/3 are unresponsive).

Think of the body’s healing intelligence as a kind of bio-computer. In the initial TBM exam we muscle test 60+ reflex points that correspond to different organs, glands, or body systems in that bio-computer. When health is poor, some of these key organs or systems muscle test weak. This indicates part of the body’s biocomputer is “offline,” & the autonomic nervous system is compromised, inhibiting healing. When we reboot these “offline” aspects of the body’s biocomputer, autonomic recovery is initiated, & health begins to improve.

Further progress is made when we ”harmonize” the body to vials of specific substances which cause the body to overereact. For example, for someone allergic to cats, when we place a vial with the frequency of cat hair suspended in distilled water on her chest, she muscle tests weak. Her immune system is overwhelmed. In TBM we follow a simple procedure to calm the overreacting immune system & in this way, harmonize the body to the substance. Consequently the cat allergy diminishes greatly or disappears.

TBM: what does it feel like?

The muscle testing involves the practitioner touching a reflex point (for example, the navel is the test point for the ilium, the last part of the small intestine) & then testing the strength of the client’s outstretched arm or leg. When there is a muscle weakness, that aspect of bio computer requires a “reboot”. Corrections typically involve a quick acupressure stimulation along a specific sequence of spinal nerves. We then retest, & the muscle tests strong, indicating a correction in that body system.