Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation

Viscera refers to the internal organs of the body – the intestines, the bladder, the stomach, the liver. Each organ has its own orbit, a specific motion pattern it follows. When this motion is impeded or blocked, the organ functions poorly, and there is often associated pain.

With VM, we “listen” with our hands to precisely locate the location of the body’s biggest struggles. Then “manipulation” in the form of a precise nudge, sometimes a subtle stretch, is applied, so as to free up these stuck tissues. As normal movement returns, the organ in question – maybe the stomach, possibly the liver – functions better. In turn, inflammation is reversed.

Consequently, the associated pain under the ribcage diminishes. Acid reflux disappears. Bowel movements finally resume regularity. Sleep is no longer interrupted by the urge to urinate.  You subsequently regain full movement of that referred sore neck or frozen shoulder. Your lower back pain fades. Health and quality of life improves.

Visceral Manipulation: what does it feel like?

VM is soft hands-on therapy. Most of the touch is gentle, occasionally it can be firm. After carefully “listening” with his hands to discover precisely where the internal organs are stuck, the therapist gently moves the tissues to free the restrictions. Symptoms can diminish immediately, or very gradually lessen over as many as two weeks.