Chi Nei Tsang Body Work

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)/ TaoTouch

CNT/TaoTouch focuses on the abdomen & combines relaxation breathing, energy healing, with a comfortable, gradually deeper soft touch. In oriental medicine, many problems are thought to be a result to stagnant energy. CNT/TT works to energize people by transforming murky, stagnant energy (like a slough) to something clear and free flowing (like a brook). It is arguably the most direct hands on therapy for freeing old emotional charges buried in the belly. Because CNT/TT is superb at healing the enteric nervous system, the so called ‘brain in the gut,” it is an excellent therapy to help those with IBS.

Chi Nei Tsang/ TaoTouch: what does it feel like?

CNT/ Tao Touch uses a soft touch, primarily on the abdomen, but gradually & comfortably works with more pressure than Visceral Manipulation. Because of the relaxation breathing, CNT/TT, more than other touch therapies, has the potential to release toxic emotional charges from the belly (enteric nervous system). After a CNT/TT session many clients look remarkably relaxed. A common remark from individuals who have received their first session is, “it was so gentle and relaxing – I thought is was going to hurt and it DIDN’T hurt at all.”