Chi Nei Tsang Body Work

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

CNT focuses on the abdomen & combines relaxation breathing, energy healing, with a comfortable, gradually deeper soft touch. In oriental medicine, many problems are thought to be a result to stagnant energy. CNT works to energize people by transforming murky, stagnant energy (like a slough) to something clear and free flowing (like a brook). It is arguably the most direct hands on therapy for freeing old emotional charges buried in the belly. Because CNT is superb at healing the enteric nervous system, the so called ‘brain in the gut,” it is an excellent therapy to help those with IBS.

Chi Nei Tsang: what does it feel like?

CNT uses a soft touch, primarily on the abdomen, but gradually & comfortably works with more pressure than Visceral Manipulation. Because of the relaxation breathing, CNT, more than other touch therapies, has the potential to release toxic emotional charges from the belly (enteric nervous system). After a CNT session many clients look remarkably relaxed. A common remark from individuals who have received their first session is, “it was so gentle and relaxing – I thought is was going to hurt and it DIDN’T hurt at all.”